Sachin, Dhoni, Rahul, Anil, Steve & Lara our Gods. Cricket is my religion, is a journey of an unknown cricketer - Mathit, from the suburbs of Durgapur. He was nicknamed after the Indian Cricket Captain, by his Cricket-crazy friends as "Mahi". Mathit chose the life of cricket as his meaning for existence. The landlord’s daughter falls in love with this cricket-crazy cowherd who lives with his unrealistic Cricket dreams. The young tigers as nicknamed by many, met in kaaka’s Café every day after their Cricket practice to relish his egg curry. Meanwhile, the landlord discovers his daughter Ahana’s love affair with Mathit and chases him away from home. Nowhere to go he lands in kaaka’s Café . The local politician interested in grabbing his restaurant to start a Bar & restaurant, harasses him to hand over the place. But for Kaaka this being the only source of survival, he refuses to part with it for which he is beaten up by the local hooligans. Mathi comes to his rescue accidently when they attack him. Now seeing Mathit, a Hindu supporting a Muslim, they raise a religious bogey; to break their bond in vain.

Review & Rate

Rate: 4.5/5
Posted on:2017-07-13
Nitin Harikant
Rate: 5/5
Posted on:2017-05-18
Rate: 3.5/5
Like this book.
Posted on:2017-02-04
Aleem Shaikh.
Rate: 3.5/5
I am die hard cricket fan. I was expecting something more about Sachin. The book is about me and my Cricket story like other Cricket players.Overall a good story. Liked it.
Posted on:2017-01-15
Akarsh Durgekar
Rate: 4/5
It is an engaging story of boy Mathit rising from rags to riches. The way character Mathit has been portrayed in the start of the book, builds a good potential for the start of book. Cricket lovers will be kept on the edge throughout the book since there are many cricket matches narrated with exquisite details such that you feel as if you are in the stadium watching the match. Curiosity factor is introduced from the start which keeps the reader tied to the book. There are twists and turns embedded in right place of the story. Overall, it is a very good story which keeps you engaged throughout the book.
Posted on:2016-12-24
Rate: 3/5
A good novel on my favourite game. As if I played those games. Humourous.
Posted on:2016-10-30
Ivan Mendonca
Rate: 3.5/5
Author seem to have captured the reality of Indian sports and religious tolerance. Sports is the best alternative to bring the community together.Liked it.
Posted on:2016-10-18
Alok Sandhu
Rate: 2.5/5
I did have expectation with the book. Did not disappoint but could have been better. It is a very common Indian story of all Indian boys.But the part of religious intolerance looks too serious for the readers of the genre. Could have been better.
Posted on:2016-10-17
Namita Kesari
Rate: 3.5/5
Posted on:2016-10-16
Rate: 5/5
Aha wonderful
Posted on:2016-10-15
Rohit Ahuja
Rate: 3/5
Cricket is my religion is a novel with a common story of all small town Cricketers. The sports politics is the one killing the talent in India. But I don't agree with the title of sportsman to be a God. Title could have been limited to the first line. The novel is interesting to read.
Posted on:2016-10-15
Rate: 5/5
A good story, went on and on. Felt little long.
Posted on:2016-10-15
Peter Fernandes.
Rate: 3.5/5
A good novel in e-format. Please bring the hardcopy soon. I liked the portrayal of the struggle of small town boys. There are plenty talents in the hinterland, but without encouragement they are lost. It resembles the recent movie of Dhoni with a difference in the angle of religion. Thank you.
Posted on:2016-10-14
Seema Pandyan
Rate: 4/5
Interesting story...
Posted on:2016-10-14
Sandesh Baadkar
Rate: 4.5/5
Very thrilling experience. My cricketing childhood was replayed here in this book. It was mostly my story
Posted on:2016-10-13
Vishal Aradya
Rate: 4/5
Being Cricket lover, loved the book.There is no other novel in Cricket like this one.
Posted on:2016-07-15
Rohit Kamat, Karwar
Rate: 1/5
Posted on:2016-06-06


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